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What's In a (Domain) Name?

timrohe/ timrohe/ Oct 21, 2021 · 1 min read
What's In a (Domain) Name?

It looks a little strange, but my author name on the site is now displayed as a Handshake top level domain. Top level as in the “com” in a traditional .com domain.

I’ve seen Handshake “Namers” doing this in various places on the web to raise awareness for the domain system. You can find a whole bunch of them in the Namer Community.

Despite the odd look, using a domain for my name does come with some extra utility. Visiting the URL (with a compatible browser or gateway) will direct you to decentralized page of links for my sites and social profiles. The page can be created on Namebase, and is called a dLink. Check mine out here.

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